All Projects


  1. Perinatal Monitoring in Rural Guatemala
  2. CVD Screening in Souther India
  3. Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening in South Africa using a Low Cost Stethoscope
  4. Computational Psychiatry
  5. H1N1 tracking using mobile phone behaviors
  6. Low cost blood pressure monitoring
  7. Low cost neonatal monitoring
  8. Low cost ECG algorithms and devices

Sleep, circadian rhythms, and neuroscience

  1. Computational Psychiatry
  2. Automated detection of sleep apnea using video, audio and physiology
  3. PTSD and CVD

Critical care

  1. Predicting sepsis
  2. Predicting AF and stroke
  3. False alarm suppression
  4. Interfaces for decision support and labeling
  5. Crowd sourcing and algorithm voting

Perinatal monitoring

  1. Noninvasive fetal ECG modeling and extraction
  2. IUGR and preeclampsia detection using low cost devices
  3. Perinatal Monitoring in Rural Guatemala
  4. Low cost neonatal monitoring