Shamim Nemati, PhD

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Informatics, Emory


Tim Buchman, PhD, MD

Professor of Surgery, Emory
Director, Emory Critical Care Center
Chief, Critical Care Service,
Emory Healthcare


Amit Shah, MD, MSCR

Assistant Professor
Epidemiology, Emory
Cardiology, Emory

Other collaborations:

  1. mHealth for empowering minorities with Dr Herman Taylor, Director and endowed Professor of Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI), Morehouse School of Medicine
  2. Cardiac-Related Sleep Analysis and PTSD with Amit Shah of Emory University
  3. SanaMobile (formerly Moca Mobile) - An mHealth project based at MIT which I co-founded with Dr Leo Celi in January 2008, as part of an ICT4D course I co-designed and co-ran.
  4. MIMICII - NIH/NBIB funded R01 project based at MIT's HST, entitled "Integrating Data, Models & Reasoning in Critical Care", led by Profs. Roger Mark, Peter Szolovits, andGeorge Verghese. I was engineering manager of this grant from 2003-2009, when I was a Principal Research Scientist at MIT.
  5. PhysioNet - NCRR funded "research resource for complex physiologic signals", headed by Ary Goldberger, Roger Mark and George Moody.
  6. ICU event prediction with Dr Andrew Kramer from Cerner Medical.
  7. SAMP, the Systems Analysis, Modelling and Prediction Group in the at the Dept. of Applied Mathematics, University of Oxford, led by Patrick McSharry, Head of Catastrophe Risk Financing in the Centre of Catastrophe Risk Financing at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment.
  8. Sleep Medicine with Prof. Atul Malholtra, the Division Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Director of Sleep Medicine at UCSF.
  9. ECG analysis during MRI scanning with Prof. Ehud Schmidt, the Director of MR Engineering in the Department of Radiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard University.
  10. Fetal ECG analysis with Adam Wolfberg at Brigham and Women's Hospital, MindChild Medical of which I am the CTO.
  11. ECGtools - software and a book and accompanying software on advanced ECG signal analysis techniques, with Patrick McSharry and Francisco Azuaje, published by Artech House.
  12. ECGSYN - A realistic ECG simulator, with Patrick McSharry and Mauricio Villarroel.
  13. ECG models, Kalman Filtering and ICA for Fetal ECG analysis with Reza Semani,Mohammad Shamsollahi and Chris Jutten at the Universities of Shiraz, Sharif and Grenoble.
  14. Physiological Signal Processing with Qiao-Li of Shandong University, China.
  15. ICU event prediction, TWA analysis and cardiac-realted sleep analysis with Shamim Nemati of Emory University.
  16. mHealth with Prof. Lionel Tarassenko at Oxford University.
  17. Open source software and hardware for high quality ECG and EEG acquisition, with E-Trolz.
  18. ECG analysis with Zeeshan Syed at Ann Arbor, and John Guttag at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory's Networks and Mobile Systems.
  19. ICU event prediction with Prof. Xiao Hu of UCSF and Dr. Randal Moorman of the University of Virginia
  20. Time series event prediction with Dr Dan Traviglia, Draper Labs.
  21. Stroke and AF prediction with Dr Jim Blum, Emory University
  22. EMG data analysis with Lena Ting, Emory University
  23. mHealth and Crowd Sourcing, David Clifton, University of Oxford.