DPhil / PhD

  1. Osipov, M. (D.Phil.) Towards automated symptoms assessment in mental health, University of Oxford (2011-2016) [*] [Now working in a startup]
  2. Zhu, T. (D.Phil.) [*] Bayesian Fusion of Continuous-Valued Labels in Biomedical Applications, University of Oxford (2011-2016) [Now a postdoc at University of Oxford]
  3. Raghu, A. (D.Phil.) CVD Risk Management in India, University of Oxford (2011-2015) [#] [Now a data scientist for Cambridge Analytica]
  4. Stroux, L., (D.Phil.) Low-resource Perinatal Care, University of Oxford (2011-2015) [*] [On maternity leave]
  5. Springer, D. (D.Phil.) Resource Constrained Heart sound Analysis, University of Oxford (2011-2015) [#] [Now a data scientist at Echobox, a London-based startup]
  6. Krug, J., (Ph.D.) ECG Analysis During MRI, University of Madburg (2011-2015) [&]
  7. Johnson, A. (D.Phil.) Mortality Prediction in the ICU, University of Oxford (2009-2015) [*] [Now a postdoc at MIT for 2015]
  8. Behar, J. (D.Phil.) Extraction of Clinical Information from the Non-Invasive Fetal Electrocardiogram, University of Oxford (2011-2015) [*] [Secured postdoc at the Technion, Haifa, Israel for 2015]
  9. Heinrich, A. (Ph.D.) Advances in video motion analysis research for mature and emerging application areas, Eindhoven University (2015) [&] [Now working in Philips Research, Eindhoven]
  10. Roebuck, A. (D.Phil.) Sleep Apneoa Detection Using Audio, University of Oxford (2009-2014) [*] [Now working in startup ‘SmartCare’ based on PhD]
  11. Mayaud, L. (D.Phil.) Prediction of Septic Shock, University of Oxford (2009-2014) [#] [Now Research Director at Mensia Technologies]
  12. Vilakazi, B. (D.Phil.) ST Analysis, University of Oxford (2009-2012) [&] [Now postdoc at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa]
  13. Sayadi, O. (Ph.D.) ECG Modelling, Shiraz University (2009-2011) [Now postdoc at Harvard/MGH] [&]
  14. Nemati, S. (Ph.D.) Robust Data Fusion, MIT (2008-2012) [Subsequently postdoc at Harvard University, USA, then Assistant Professor at Emory University] [*/#]
  15. Hug, C. (Ph.D.) Intelligent Hypotension Detection (undertaken during PhD), MIT (2007-2009) [Now Researcher at Microsoft, WA, USA] [&]
  16. Li, Q. (Ph.D.) ECG and BP Signal Quality, MIT & Shandong University, (2006-2008) [Now Research Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, BMI, Emory University, USA] [*]
  17. Sameni, R. (Ph.D.) Fetal ECG analysis, University of Grenoble, (2005-2008) [Now Assistant Professor, University of Shiraz, Iran] [&]

Masters & UROP students

  1. Briggs, S. (M.Eng.) ECG-based sleep staging, University of Oxford (2013-2014) [*i]
  2. Bent, O. (M.Eng.) Low-cost pulse oximetry for neonatal apnea, University of Oxford (2012-2013) [*]
  3. Morton, A. (M.Eng.) Resource-constrained spirometry, University of Oxford (2012-2013) [*]
  4. Colloca, R. (M.Sc.) Robust AF detection, Politecnico di Milano (2012-2013) [Now PhD at Politecnico di Milano] [#]
  5. Carpseken, W. (M.Sc.) Telespiro: low-cost spirometry for resource poor settings, University of Oxford (2011-2012) [Now: MD at Harvard] [*]
  6. Lopez, D. (M.Eng./UROP) ECG Signal Quality, Imperial College (2011) [Returned to Imperial College to Complete Studies] [*]
  7. Williams, J. (M.Eng.) The Application of Phase-Rectified Signal Averaging to Intrapartum Cardiotocography Signals to Predict Fetal Acidemia, MEng Thesis, University of Oxford, (2011-2012) [#]
  8. Daly, J. (M.Eng.) The Design of a Neonatal Apnoea Monitor for Resource-constrained Environments, MEng Thesis, University of Oxford, (2011-2012) [Now: PhD candidate at University of Oxford] [*]
  9. Higgins, H. (M.Eng.), The Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apneoa Using a Mobile Phone, University of Oxford, (2011-2012) [*]
  10. Dunkley, N. (M.Sc.) Mortality prediction in the ICU, University of Oxford (2010-2011) [Now: PhD candidate at University of Oxford] [*]
  11. Burgess, F. (M.Eng.) Detection of Sleep Apneoa, University of Oxford (2010-2011) [*]
  12. Fedder, G. (M.Eng.) Fetal ECG signal Quality, University of Oxford (2010-2011) [*]
  13. McDonnell, C. (M.Sc.) Fetal ECG Analysis, University of Oxford (2010-2011) [*]
  14. Ghassemi, M. (M.Phil.) Prediction of Hypotension, University of Oxford (2009-2010) [Now: PhD candidate at MIT][&]
  15. Kuan, K. (M.Eng.) Lung Sound Analysis on a Cellphone, MIT (2009-2010) [Now at Google, CA] [*]
  16. Chen, T. (M.Eng.) Etiology of Hypotensive Events, MIT (2008-2009) [Now at Johnson & Johnson, Shanghai] [&]
  17. Deshmane, A. (M.Eng.) False Alarm Suppression in the ICU, MIT (2008-2009) [Now PhD candidate at Case Western] [#]
  18. Celi, L. (MSc) Mobile Diagnostics in Resource Poor Environments, MIT (Spring 2008) [Now: MD, Harvard] [&]
  19. Amjad Khan, I. (UROP) Cardiovascular Signals Forensics, MIT (Spring 2008) [*]
  20. Aboukhalil, A. (M.Eng.) False Alarm Suppression in the ICU, MIT (2006-2007) [Now: PhD candidate at Harvard][#]
  21. Neamatulla, I. (M.Eng) Automated De-Identification of Free-Text Medical Records, MIT (2005-2006) [#]
  22. Shu, J. (M.Eng) Free Text Phrase Encoding and Information Extraction from Medical Notes, MIT (2004-2006) [#]
  23. Kyaw, T. H. (M.Eng) Formatting and Searching a Massive Multi-parameter Clinical Information Database, MIT (2003-2005) [Now at Yahoo, CA][&]
  24. Douglass, M. (M.Eng) Computer-assisted de-identification of free-text nursing notes, MIT (2003-2005)[#]
  25. Zapanta, L. (M.Eng) Heart rate variability in mice with coronary heart disease, MIT (2003-2005) [] [*]
  26. Abdala, O. (M.Eng) The Annotation Station: an open source technology for data visualization and annotation large biomedical databases, MIT (2003-2004) [Now PhD, Harvard][#]
  27. Nnewihe, A. (UROP) ECG on a Soundcard, MIT (2004-2005) [*]
  28. Willsey, M. (UROP) False VEB Suppression, MIT (2003-2004) [*]
  29. Hung, A. (Intern) Web Interface for Database Search Engine, MIT (Summer 2005) [*]

Postdocs & Research Engineers

  1. Adriana Vest (Postdoctoral Researcher), Department of Biomedical Informatics, Emory University (2016-2017) [Currently medical student at Emory University] [*]
  2. Tsanas, A. (Postdoctoral Researcher), Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, University of Oxford (2012-2015) [Currently postdoc at Oxford] [*]
  3. Hopkins, M. (Postdoctoral Database Engineer), Emory University (2014-2015) [Currently Research Scientist at Intel, Oregon, USA for 2015] [*]
  4. Oster, J. (Postdoc) MHD suppression in the ECG, University of Oxford (2011-2014) [Currently postdoc at Oxford] [*]
  5. Li, Q (Postdoc) False alarm suppression in the ICU, University of Oxford (2011-2014) [Currently Assistant Professor at Emory University] [*]
  6. Houghton, P. (RA) Drug-drug Interactions, Universities of Oxford & Liverpool (2011-2013) [Currently freelance programmer] [#]
  7. Monasterio, V. (Postdoc) Neonatal apnea detection, University of Oxford (2011-2012) [Currently Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at University of Zaragoza, Spain] [*]
  8. Llinares, R. (Postdoc) ECG models for ischemia and MRI, University of Oxford (2010-2011) [Currently Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at University of Alicante, Spain] [*]
  9. Scott, D. (Postdoc) Database & Network Admin., MIT (2008-2009) [Currently Systems Engineer at an insurance startup, QMetric Group Ltd., London, UK] [*]
  10. Villarroel, M. (RA) Database & Network Admin., MIT (2005-2009) [Subsequently Research Assistant at University of Oxford, UK and now Research Scientist at MIT, Boston, USA] [*]
  11. Singer, J. (RA) Java Developer, MIT (2008) [*]
  12. Lehman, L. (Postdoc) Java Developer & Database Admin., MIT (2006-2008) [Currently postdoc at MIT] [*]

Visiting Researchers

  1. Johannes Krug (Universität Magdeburg, Germany) 2013-2015
  2. Fernando Andreotti (Universität Dresden, Germany) 2014-2015
  3. Jan Gierałtowski (Center for Advanced Studies Warsaw University of Technology, Poland) Spring 2015
  4. Qichen Li (University of Oxford, UK) Summer 2015
  5. Faezeh Marzbanrad (University of Melbourne, Australia) August-October 2015

* indicates sole supervision
# indicates co-supervision as primary supervisor
& indicates significant supervision or co-supervision as secondary supervisor